Mak's Mercs

Contract 132: "Hawkins"

Stenographer: Second Chance

The job was to investigate curious activity at the Hawkins Mausoleum. Mak sent Azuhl and Deaselrock in to investigate. There in the cemetary courtyard they discovered an army of walking dead with explosive necrotic powers. Our mercs made short work of them with little effort. Some damage was done to the interior of the mausoleum thanks to Azuhl“s abuse of the cloud of daggers. Mak wasnt very pleased but i assured him our insurance should cover it if anyone complained. After discovering a secret passage that was deliberately concealed in the floor, they descended into the sewer. A little exploration revealed a store room with evidence of someone living in these disgusting surroundings. I suspect some looting took place but neither merc would confirm… Anyways, they eventually found this sewers occupant which turned out to be Hawkins who was trying to get in the good graces of a beholder. The beholder was not impressed. Our mercs said Hawkins didnt put up much of a fight but, Deaselrock’s nose was gushing blood and a little crooked when I spoke with him. So I think he didnt want to admit that a goliath was bested by a human. At any rate, the job got done with minimal insurance costs. Special note: We need more health potions in the armory and I need to speak with Mak about background checks on our clients. Dated:1-23-10 signed: SC



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