Mak's Mercs

Contract 615: The Circlet of Isis

Stenographer: Second-Chance

Simple hide and seek mission as refer to them in the business. We were hired by one of the wealthier nobles to find the Circlet of Isis, a long lost relic that grants its wearer the ability to see the future of their children. This particular noble offered to pay us double our asking cost. Half in magic trade and the other half in cold hard gold but only if we put some of our more experienced mercs on it. The nobleman possessed an orb that contained a map to the Tomb of Isis when fres blood was applied to the orb’s surface.

We brought in Zalistik, Kain Highwind, and Ehzukia. (Although Ehzukia is the reborn incarnation of a terrible employee that died in our service, Mak allowed him to join again.) They had their pick of the magic items traded in for the job then we set out in the ornithopter for the village of Surrey. We had hired a boat captain to take them to an island on the map the that was marked as the Tomb of Isis. It was our mistake to not research the mental state of the captain, Captain Harmen. I found out after the fact that Harmen had lost his crew en route to this island when a humongous cephalopod attacked his ship. Harmen’s mental state was broken by leaving his previous crew to be consumed by the kraken. He had a death wish and nearly got all of our mercs killed. As it was, Ehzukia got hurt a bump on the head and was temporarily blinded. When the kraken pulled the ship, named The Broken Promise, down into the depths Harmen recieved his deathwish (We assume. No body was ever recovered.) Our mercs swam for shore and although it was tough they pulled through.

The island proved to be a crazy mix of climate and condition. It contained beautiful sandy beaches, dark forboding forests, and thick marshes. As they moved through the woods they came to a clearing where a thick moat made of mud stood between them and a mound that the map indicated was the Tomb of Isis. Forming a masterful plan to construct several large bridge sections to traverse the moat proved to be more challenging than they thought and as a result the mercs dropprd their guard. Zalistik was pulled into the viscid moat by some mysterious assailant. Our mercs were swarmed by frog-like creatures that belched fire and lightning. Fortunately, these frog people were not very tough. As the mercs fought fiecely and begin to kill the frogs, they began to notice that every time a frog man died the world became cleaner and the moat was disappearing. After all the frogs were killed the island had took on a completely different appearance. The darkness was gone and animals were hopping freely but, more importantly, the mound before them had formed a face and three placards were on the ground.

The placards contained riddles and it took every ounce of brain power our mercs possessed to solve them. When the riddles were sorted out, the mouth of the staue opened into a large door. Descendiing beautiful marble stairs brought the group to a large throne room where three women were waiting. I was told by Ehzukia that the women were unnaturally beautiful and the one claimed to be the spirit of Isis. She said she was so impressed with the groups skills that she would give them her circlet as a reward.

When Ehzukia touched the chest holding it though flashes of an alternate reality hit him. What looked like gorgeous women to the mercs were actually hideous beasts and the chest holding the circlet was also a sentient foe. A few screams from the invoker revealed the illusion to everyone else. Alas, it was too late for Ehzukia. Kain Highwind fought valiantly but the fierce attacks agasinst his mind left him unable to control his spear. Zalistik rushed to the aid of his invoker and treated his wounds. Once all the mercs were back on their feet the enemies fell quickly. when the last one was killed the Circlet of Isis appeared. in the room.

Getting home was a big adventure for them as well. Being trapped on an island left them few ways to get to the mainland. Ingenuity served them well. The mercs constructed a raft out of pieces of The Broken Promise and floated out into the Royal Blue. A fishing boat found them and when the shore was reached I recieved a letter for their pickup. The mercs were able to hide the Circlet from their rescuers.* The package was delivered and the client was pleased, so another job well done by Maks Mercs.

*When I asked them how they managed concealing it, they looked away and said, “I don’t wanna talk about it.”

Dated: 6-17-10

Signed: S. C.



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