Grahf 'Kinless' Gathanathi

A Great Weapon Fighter seeking glory and renown.


Fight me? You shall break as water onto rock!

Maul Basic Attack – +8 vs. AC, 2d6+7

AC – 16 FT – 17 RF – 10 WL – 11


Grahf was part of the nomadic tribe of the northern mountains. His specific clan, the Gathanathi, were in tune with the primal powers of the world. They never ventured out on their own and only traded with a small village at the base of the mountain range. All of the tribe loved this way of life and peace, but Grahf longed to free himself of the mountains. He would often volunteer to be one of the tribe sent to the village to trade and even spend a night or two in their lodgings. He would come back to his people full of tales of far off lands and the great civil war.

Eventually Grahf started to explore further than the village, into the wild lands and beyond. The elders of the Gathanathi had no choice but to exile Grahf from his tribe, thus giving him the name of ‘Kinless’. After leaving his people, the young goliath found work as a bodyguard for a local noble of that village he so often visited. Grahf soon became a fighter of some renown and many spoke of his prowess in battle. When his master died from a scorn lover’s dagger late one night, Grahf decided to find work that more suited him. He approached Mak last year and asked to join his mercenary band.

Grahf 'Kinless' Gathanathi

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