The world of Ashiriim just ended a 50 year old civil war between the poor and the nobility. With some strange version of “peace” finally achieved, the nobles now wage war on each other. An elitist arms race persists where the rich continually try to one up each other by having the best. Unskilled in the ways of adventurings the only way for the rich to acquire the best of the best when it comes to unique artifacts is to hire mercenary groups to penetrate the darkest reaches of the land and retrieve these rarities for them. With the war over, out of work militia have seized these opportunities and formed organized adventure groups. Mak’s Mercs is one such organization ”...dedicated to the well being of all the inhabitants of Ashiriim” (a direct quote from Makreshendaarnordren or “Mak” to his friends. Proprieter of “Mak’s Mercs“).

Mak's Mercs

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